What’s it all about?

Brand identity is the visual (images, colour, typeface) and verbal (language and tone of voice) expression of your brand.

It begins with a brand name and a logo, and extends into all communications, from stationery and brochures to websites, emails, advertising and signage.

An integrated identity system presents a consistent face across your web and print communications. It sends a strong signal to your customers about how well focused your business is, and results not only in marketing communications with clarity, but in an easily recognised memorable brand.

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Updating your current identity

As your business or organisation grows, it changes, and it can outgrow it’s brand identity so that it no longer accurately reflects it’s activities, goals or attitudes.

Feedback on what your identity means to employees, suppliers and customers should highlight any problems.

It may need to be repositioned to communicate something different, redesigned for more practical application, or simply updated if it looks behind the times.

Whatever your requirement, our job is to understand the problem, and deliver a creative and workable solution.

Starting with a new identity

Starting your business with a good brand concept and a strong brand identity will introduce your new business to the world with a distinctive, professional image – making your business memorable from the start.

Our expertise and process delivers relevant and unique brand identity design while at the same time confidently managing the process.

Whether you’re updating your identity or creating one for a new business, a set of visual brand guidelines are essential for communicating your identity to staff, stakeholders and suppliers alike.

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