Logos are usually one part of a bigger brand identity package. The identity package can include a tagline, brand architecture and a visual identity system. However, the logo is the focal point.


Updating your logo

Your existing logo may need a face-lift if it looks behind the times, or re-worked if it is out of step with what your business is today.

We assess your current logo and your business’ market position. We use this information to update your logo design, either with a subtle update keeping the essence of the design, or by designing something completely new.

Whichever direction your logo design or redesign takes, we make sure the change is handled with sensitivity and meets your objectives.

logos for start-ups

We make use of typography, form and colour, and draw on your business’ individual characteristics to develop a unique and individual logo design.

When designing your logo, we consider that it needs to be adaptable for many uses – your website, business card, brochure, signage, etc. We make sure it works well in all the necessary formats, and provide you with all those formats that you will need.

Take a look at our gallery of logo designs. We can get to work on your logo design quickly, contact us to discuss your requirements.

The logo we chose came from the first batch of designs you delivered – you completely understood our requirements, capturing the essence of our brief in entirety. The logo presents well across all mediums even when it is small. We have been paid many compliments regarding our logo, across the world … it has added value and credibility to our company and is hugely appreciated. Lee Philips, Director, Mobicars.

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