Towards Successful Commercialisation

Branding and Website for a London business conference

The annual Towards Successful Commercialisation Conference brings together industry, investors and government to engage with world-class entrepreneurs. Sharing best practice to commercialise leading edge sustainable technologies.



One of the sponsors of the TSC conference CLT, approached us to create a logo, branding and website to raise the profile of the event. The branding needed to match the values and purpose of the conference with a website that clearly communicates the details of the event. 

The logo design is comprised of a symbol and a wordmark. The symbol uses an arrow that alludes to the fund’s key aim of helping sustainable tech businesses move forward commercially. The arrow has been developed into a dynamic graphic that sets the tone of the conference.

Added to the identity are blues and greens, the colours of sustainability and a clear bold font whose simplicity and openness hints at transparency. The identity expresses the brand’s ethos of partnerships to propel sustainable technologies towards a cleaner, brighter future.

Sharon at Lime Creative worked with us to create branding and a website for a government-sponsored event for their flagship Energy Entrepreneur programme. The aim was to use the website to raise the profile of the event. Sharon understood the brief well and came up with a striking design that captured the essence of what we were trying to communicate. Overall, she delivered a professional, flexible and effective service which helped to support a successful event. Natalie Fredericks, CLT.

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