Brand Identity

Communicate your business’s values, character, and promise with unique, memorable and authentic brand identity.

Unique and memorable logo design

Flaunt your business to the world with a logo that is as unique as your business, created through logo design that draws on your business’s individual characteristics. For new businesses preparing for launch, or established businesses looking to revitalise.

Expression of your brand vision

Set your business apart with a distinctive Brand Identity that expresses your brand vision through strong visual design and powerful imagery. Designed to be adaptable for all applications – from your website and social media to your business card and Microsoft docs.

Identity Guidelines

Communicate your brand to staff, suppliers and stakeholders through brand guidelines. Understanding your brand story and character will help everyone involved to buy into, and successfully promote your brand. Cataloging the specific colors, typography, logos, imagery, patterns and taglines, will make sure they’re applied correctly and coherently across all your brand touchpoints.


Creating or updating your identity

Brand Identity creates cohesion across all your communications, linking all the places that a customer may come into contact with your business brand together, making your brand easily recognisable.

Lime Creative use typography, form, colour, and imagery to draw on your business’s individual characteristics and develop a unique and individual identity design for your brand.

Whether your business has outgrown its identity or your new venture has no identity, step up with a distinctive, memorable image and a strong, professional logo and brand identity design.

Implementing your new identity

Designing brand identity is the first step to creating an easily recognisable and memorable image for your business. The next step is to use those brand assets to make your business personality shine through everywhere that customers come into contact with your brand.

Lime Creative help you through this process by creating and organising all your brand assets, setting up guidelines on how they are to be used, and creating striking online and offline communications that make your brand stand out. A well designed and organised Identity will free you up to concentrate on marketing without nagging identity implementation and consistency issues or the need for costly redesign.